Low profile cummerband UTactic Ancile

Low profile cummerband UTactic Ancile

Есть в наличии

Low profile cummerband for UTactic Ancile Plate Carrier allow to adapt your armor system to lowvizundercover operations. Four pocket on either side for holding mags, radio, sidearm, medical supplies or any other similar size stuff.

This cummerband featured certain flexibility that enables to tight plate carrier thus way remove part of the load from the shoulders, take some of pressure off the shoulders, distributing it all over the torso. 

Easy and secure fastening solution (hook’n’loop) allows to use UTactic Ancile Skeleton Cummerband with similar constructed plate carriers.

  • Coyote
  • Multicam Original


  • Elastic flat band, which retains strength over time;

  • Heavy-duty polyamide straps;

  • High quality polyamide hook’n’loop.

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