Sniping accessories

Tactical Sling Gunsling TS1

Universal tactical gun belt Gunsling TS1 is intended for two-point fastening of any long weapon: pump-action shotgun, automatic rifle, carbine. 25 mm wide fastening strap makes the belt compatible with all variants of attachment to arms (gun rifles, swivels, etc.)


Assault Aid Backpack “Animus-Adapt”
Medical Equipment

Assault Aid Backpack Animus-Adapt

Assault Aid Backpack «Animus-Adapt» is an innovative medical backpack that is designed for work in challenging tactical conditions. Designed by Combat Medic("68W") with the participation and taking into account the needs of SOF units. Created by Professionals for professionals. Spacious, but compact in structure, the backpack combined a functional...
Рюкзак тактический 3-х дневный RT-45

Tactical Backpack Raid Pack 45+10 l.

Tactical Backpack UTactic Raid Pack with 45+10 liters of capacity is designed for 3-4 day individual missions. MOLLE system allows to attach additional pouches and other hitch gear. Three aluminum plates provide stiffness to the structure. The backpack can be adjusted to the individual’s height by moving the "back-straps" assembly along two stiffening...



Tactical Backpack U 36

The backpack has one main compartment, two side expanding pockets with outlets for the hydrator hose and the upper pocket in the front side of the main сompartment. Rigid ventilated shaped back with anatomical shoulder straps and wide belt allows you to feel comfortable with a large load during a long-term transition. Wide belt with offset buckle...
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UTactic is a team of the Ukrainian professionals in design, production and usage of tactical apparel and gear.

Our product range includes tactical apparel, tactical gearbelts (including warbelts, pouchessniping accessories, tactical backpacks, bags, medical equipment, K9 productsaccessories.

Each product, whether that be a tactical backpack or a small accessory, takes a long way from the design phase to the official launch. Behind each product stands the work of  designers, cutters, seamers, and testers who test tactical gear under the real-life conditions.

We do not stop working on a product after its launch - we accurately study feedback from our customers and release new improved product modifications.

With our work we prove that Ukrainian tactical gear can compete with international brands.

Advantages of the UTactic tactical gear and apparel:

  • All products represented in our tactical gear store are made of high-quality  technology-savvy materials, including Polartec, Cordura, Coolmax, 2M, Duraflex etc. We do not tolerate compromises with quality!

  • We constantly keep improving ourselves - we are looking for new solutions in design of tactical gear and apparel.

  • UTactic products are appreciated not only by aficionados of sniping, airsoft, survival, tourism and hunting. Our tactical gear is successfully used in military sphere.

  • We keep in touch with our customers, most of whom have become our partners and friends.

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