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  • BACKPACK Carbine Bag

    The UTactic Carbine Bag backpack is designed for carrying weapons, ammunition, tools and personal effects of the arrow. The backpack is executed in an approximate to civilian style and does not attract too much attention to external tactical elements. Carbine Bag has three compartments: the main weapon compartment, the middle compartment for ammunition...

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  • Document Bag

    Utactic Documet Bag is a bag for every day that can be used to carry documents, a laptop and a personal notebook. This Bag is one-volume bag. The front zipper with two locks opens 180 degrees on the 3rd sides. On the inner side, four pockets and an organizer-elastic lens for fixing small objects are front facing. The main separation has a partition with...

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  • GearLab Cleaning Puzzle Mat

    Convertible cleaning puzzle mat gives you ability to play with sizes for specific needs by removing central parts. Starting with Large size 100x50cm (designed mostly for bolt action rifles) you can transform it into Medium size 76x50cm (assault rifles) just removing two pieces from the center, two more pieces from the center and get Small size 50x50cm...

    755 ₴ 794 ₴ -5%
  • MOLLE CARRIER panels for Ready Pack backpack

    Backpack carrier panel created for organizing your EDC/Medical/ or whatever kit you like in your backpack UTactic Ready Pack.  With additional extra holes and attached rubber bands, you can create your own holders design for C.A.T./knifes/multi-tool/flashlights and any tools on the panel with extremely fast access to them.    Made with high quality...

    700 ₴ 736 ₴ -5%

    This large carrier panel provides more space in order to find better way to keep your stuff organized on the backseats/rare seats in the car. With our integrated rubber holders which come with this panel you can easily stick any tools you have for quick extraction as well as make your own rubber holders position that will be more useful for specific...

    2 440 ₴ 2 568 ₴ -5%

    This carrier panel is designed as gun/rifle/ammo/pouches/tools/ /equipment carrier for front seats as well as it can be installed to the any parts of your car with convertible straps. To prevent gun/damages during transportation and provide you with essayer and fast access to your equipment/rifle - Made with high quality durable plastic and accessories....

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  • Gas Mask Bag

    The UTactic Gas Mask Bag is designed to carry a gas mask and extra equipment. The UTactic Gas Mask Bag has been created for employees of special units of the police or other units involved in public order provided during mass events and, due to official necessity, should carry masks and extra equipment. The bag was created and tested in real conditions...

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  • Badge holder

    An universal holder for the badge is intended for carrying a slug, a service ID, a substitute card. There is an internal compartment for documents. In the closed state is fixed on the Velcro clasp. The universal holder can be worn:- fixed on the equipment using the MOLLE system;- on the belt;- on the neck (cord included).

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