Кардхолдер UTactic CardHolder


UTactic CardHolder is intended for storage of bank and discount cards. It can store up to 8 cards. There is  an elastic holder for cash on the rear side.
Подсумок утилитарный горизонтальный UP1
Tactical pouches

EDC-UP Shoulder Strap

Shoulder strap turns UTactic EDC-UP pouch organizer into a full-featured bag. Shoulder strap is attached with help of D-rings and has two buckles.
Чехол для смартфона UTactic TacTel

Tactel Smartphone Case

UTactic TacTel smartphone case is intended for handling and protection of a smartphone, a radioset, and other portable gadgets. Owing to soft walls and drawstring closure, the UTactic TacTel case protects a phone from damage and loss. MOLLE PALS adjustment system allows adjusting a case to any gear. The case can also be adjusted to belts.
Універсальний тримач для жетону

Badge Holder

The universal holder is used for carrying the badge and ID card. There is an internal compartment for documents. In the closed state is fixed on the Velcro clasp. The universal holder can be worn:- fixed on the equipment using the MOLLE system;- on the belt;- on the neck (cord included).

Tourniquet holder

Tourniquet holder is intended for tourniquet fixation on equipment. With the use of it is possible to secure tourniquet on backpacks, body armour and warbelt with the MOLLE system, as well as on tactical belts. The holder has a rigid plate and two elastic bands for tourniquet fixation. Velcro panel placed on one of the sides can fix the holder on the...
Tactical pouches

UTactic Inner Holster

UTactic Inner Holster is designed for the handgun fixing in the UTactic Under Arm Bag, as well as in any other bag or backpack with inner Velcro panels. The holster has a rigid frame that allows for securely holding the handgun and provides for the right grip. Two Velcro panels on both sides of the holster durably hold it in the UTactic Under Arm Bag....
Sniping accessories

Tactical Sling Gunsling TS1

Universal tactical gun belt Gunsling TS1 is intended for two-point fastening of any long weapon: pump-action shotgun, automatic rifle, carbine. 25 mm wide fastening strap makes the belt compatible with all variants of attachment to arms (gun rifles, swivels, etc.)

Alpha Overload Kit

The UTactic Alpha Overload Kit is an optional accessory for the UTactic Alpha backpack that allows you to attach helmet to the backpack, as well as to fix long objects on the front of the backpack.

There are no trifles in tactical gear. Even the smallest detail is the result of rigorous work on materials and hardware, construction, technology and design.

Every UTactic product is manufactured with consideration of maximal utility and functionality.

Key benefits of the Utractic tactical accessories:

  • Utility - with MOLLE PALS attachment systems, accessories can be attached to gear in the most convenient way.
  • Quality and durability - we use only original materials that ensure durability of the products at the most extreme conditions.
  • Functionality -  at the design phase, we consider reviews and suggestions of our customers, among whom are military experts and aficionados of extreme sports.

Our team has developed the most in-demand accessories for military purposes and city life, for hunting, tourism and survival. Our accessory range includes smartphone cases, cardholders, shoulder straps for EDC organizers.

The main function of our accessories is protection of portable gadgets (phones, smartphones, small radio sets), bank cards and banknotes from damage and damp.

Tactical accessories line is constantly expanding. We analyze innovations on the market of tactical gear, adopt them for Ukrainian environment, and pick up the most efficient solutions.

UTactic tactical accessories purchasing

Follow our posts and video reviews in the “Preview” section at the web site or at our social network pages. Many tactical accessories can be preordered when a product has not been included into our basic range.

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