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    Bag UTactic CARGO BAG - a transportation bag with sling handles allowing to carry it as a backpack or a bag. Due to a handy removable central sling the bag can be also carried over the shoulder. The bag has a central compartment and side compartment with a loose partition. Documents and small items can be placed in two side pockets. The bag bottom is...

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  • Messenger Bag

    The UTactic Messenger Bag is a bag for every day that can be used both in urban and in the field conditions. Off-stage MOLLE VELCRO panel allows you to use the bag in as civilian and so tactical tasks. Protected pockets for laptop and tablet will reliably protect the technician from mechanical damage. The internal Velcro panel at the rear wall will allow...

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  • BACKPACK Carbine Bag

    The UTactic Carbine Bag backpack is designed for carrying weapons, ammunition, tools and personal effects of the arrow. The backpack is executed in an approximate to civilian style and does not attract too much attention to external tactical elements. Carbine Bag has three compartments: the main weapon compartment, the middle compartment for ammunition...

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  • Document Bag

    Utactic Documet Bag is a bag for every day that can be used to carry documents, a laptop and a personal notebook. This Bag is one-volume bag. The front zipper with two locks opens 180 degrees on the 3rd sides. On the inner side, four pockets and an organizer-elastic lens for fixing small objects are front facing. The main separation has a partition with...

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  • UTactic Fanny Pack Universal Bag

    UTactic Fanny Pack everyday universal bag is intended for carriage of minimal EDC kit. With help of several attachment options,  UTactic Fanny Pack can be used as:Fanny pack; Standalone bag (with help of attachment of shoulder strap to 2 D-rings); Pouch (by attaching it to gear with help of the MOLLE interface); Leg bag.

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  • Waist Medium Bag

    UTactic Waist Medium Bag is a bag of the average size of a collection of waist bags from UTactic designed for storing and transporting items for every day, personal documents. A variety of wearing options is achieved thanks to a removable waist belt and additional places for fixing the bag Waist Medium Bag.    The central compartment of the bag on the...

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  • Gas Mask Bag

    The UTactic Gas Mask Bag is designed to carry a gas mask and extra equipment. The UTactic Gas Mask Bag has been created for employees of special units of the police or other units involved in public order provided during mass events and, due to official necessity, should carry masks and extra equipment. The bag was created and tested in real conditions...

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  • EDC-UP pouch organizer

    UTactic EDC-UP universal pouch organizer is designed for storage and carriage of everyday items. EDC-UP pouch organizer allows having everything you need at hand in one place, and organizing EDP items. UTactic EDC-UP universal pouch organizer can be used as a pouch, it can be  attached horizontally or vertically  to any part of gear with help of the...

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  • Transport case for pistol UTactic Pistol Case

    Transport case UTactic Pistol Case is designed for transportation and storage of a pistol. Mounting the gun on the Velcro adapter allows you to securely fix the gun in any position. The optional Velcro adapter is designed to mount spare stores. Also in the case, you can place a flashlight, weapons cleaning tools, tools in extra pockets and with a...

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