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Medical Equipment

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  • Assault Aid Backpack Animus-Adapt

    Assault Aid Backpack «Animus-Adapt» is an innovative medical backpack that is designed for work in challenging tactical conditions. Designed by Combat Medic("68W") with the participation and taking into account the needs of SOF units. Created by Professionals for professionals. Spacious, but compact in structure, the backpack combined a functional...

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  • Medical Insert Panel

    Medical Insert Panel is used in conjunction with Assault Aid Backpack «Animus-Adapt», and can also be used with other equipment. Designed for small surgery and ampulla medication. Medical Insert Panel consists of two panels that are joined together. The back contains a system of slings and rubbers, in which it is possible to reliably fix ampoules of any...

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  • Alpha Medical Pouch

    UTactic Alpha Medical Pouch Rapid Access Kits are designed for the transport of an individual set of medical products, tools and other medical supplies for the first medical care in a combat environment. The cable lock provides quick access to the contents of the first aid kit. The lock of the cable lock is hiding in the pocket of an elastic tape on the...

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