Sniping accessories

The UTactic sniping accessories line has been launched due to reliance to reliable protection of both, a rifle and a sniper. Besides, popularity of shooting sport (high precision firing, benchrest, varminting) is growing.

The sniping accessories represented at our web site are the result of collaboration between UTactic and Combat.UA.

UTactic Optic Cover sight cover is intended for protection of sight and bore from mechanical damage and stains during transportation and in the field environment.

UTactic SHM-1 shooting mat is intended for shooting in lying position and can be used for arrangement of long-term firing point.

Benefits of UTactic sniping accessories

Since modern sniper rifle is an expensive precise mechanical and optical device, the UTactic Optic Cover sight cover is made of original materials and has the following benefits:

  • Owing to adjustable caps, it can be used for various sights

  • Handle adjustment allows selecting the most convenient way for rifle handling

Benefits of  the UTactic SHM-1 shooting mat:

  • Thermal insulation protects sniper from cold and damp (shooting mat can be used as a sleeping mat)

  • Can be used on uneven surfaces

  • Rough bipod stop keeps rifle firmly fixed

Sniping accessories purchasing

To purchase sight covers and shooting mats in our store, pick up desired items and add them to cart.

We provide qualitative and prompt delivery across Ukraine.

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