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UTactic SHM-1 shooting mat is intended for shooting in lying position. It protects a shooter from cold and damp and makes shooting on solid uneven surface more convenient. Rough bipod stop keeps rifle firmly fixed.

Shooting mat can be also used as a sleeping mat.

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1 710 ₴

1 800 ₴


Design Features:

  • Top:Cordura 1000D
  • Bottom: PVC-coated  fabric
  • Main body and side wings thickness: 12mm
  • Front flap with bipod stop
  • Removable side wings allow a shooter to work comfortably with two hands and to take off elements that are not in use
  • MOLLE strap in the work area of mat allows attaching pouches with shooting accessories
  • Removable carry handle
  • Notepad case isn`t supplied

Dimensions of the mat:

  • Unfolded Dimensions: 120 cm wide, 195 cm long
  • Main body: 70 cm wide, 155 cm long
  • Side wings: 25 cm wide, 60 cm long
  • Front flap: 70 cm wide, 40 cm long
  • Folded Dimensions:72 cm wide, 30 cm long, 17 cm thick

Благодарность из Израиля

Тренировка на нем конечно сказка))) Ничего не чувствуется, упор под сошки, ничего не боится. Побывал и в грязи, и в воде, и в кактусах, даже скатился на нём по насыпи. Есть только один минус - немного великоват, была бы возможность его ещё чуть больше сложить, можно брать и на боевой выход. Благодарю за качество и надежность.



    Замечательный мат для стрельбы! Пользуюсь уже год, никаких нареканий!

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      Tactical Belt UTactic FORCE BELT BT12 consists of two parts - an inner trouser belt and an outer waistband. Such functional structure allows to rigidly fasten the belt and prevent its free spinning, and also to secure attachable gear along the entire length of the belt.

      The inner trouser belt is fastened by means of VELCRO, it is guided into the belt loops of trousers and has VELCRO (hooks) on the outside. The outer waistband has VELCRO (a loop) on the inside. The design when the outer waistband is placed over the inner belt (fixed to pants) allows to easily take off the belt together with the gear attached to it.

      The dual-folded main strap and two MOLLEPALS straps on the outer waistband can reliably secure various gear.
      Tactical belt UTactic FORCE BELT BT12 features the original COBRA buckle  manufactured by AustriAlpin with a metal evacuation ring. The evacuation ring integrated into the buckle allows using UTactic FORCE BELT BT12 not only as a trouser belt or a component of loadout belt systems, but also as a part of a rescue system for evacuation from height or battlefield.