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Reduced price! Чехол для оптического прицела Optic Cover

UTactic Optic Cover universal adjustable sight cover is intended for protection of sight and bore from mechanical damage and stains during transportation and in the field environment.

Designed in collaboration with Combat.UA

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665 ₴

700 ₴


Owing to adjustable caps,  the cover can be used for various sights. The cover handle can be adjusted according to gravity center of the rifle for more convenient handling.

Outer side of the cover features MOLLE bands and velcro panel.

Rifle case with adjustable strap is removable.

Dimensions of the sight cover:

  • Length: 55 cm
  • Width: 15 cm


  • Cordura 1000D
  • 2M hardware (Italy)
  • Extra strong nylon straps


Благодарность из Израиля

Замечательная вещь, давно искал именно что то такое. Подходит и на дневную и на ночную оптику, закрывает ствол от пыли и песка. Очень удобно переносить винтовку на небольшие дистанции.

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    4F PAD Folding Seat

    The UTactic 4F PAD Folding Seat is a universal folding seat care mat designed for using in the field conditions. Protects the inguinal area from hypothermia and wetness when used in a sitting and lying position.

    Folding seat is made of 4 sections, which folded in the folded as a "accordion". When folded, the UTactic 4F Pad is fixed with the help of  2 elastic bands.

    The seat can be attached to the belt, to the equipment elements to the MOLLE PALS straps using two clips on the Velcro fastener. Two fasteners such as fastecs allow you to unfasten the folding seat quickly  from the equipment.

    The straps of the attachment of the folding seat to the equipment are sewn on the first fold, which makes it possible to spread out the folding seat under the back and buttocks without unfastening it from the equipment.