Stretcher for Animus Backpack

Stretcher for Animus Backpack

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These stretchers are designed for use in connection with UTactic Animus Adapt medical backpack,  but using MOLLE webbing on the back of pouch can be integrated with any PALS-compatible equipment. 

The size and shape of evacuation cloth provides correct weight placement and distribution of  wounded to simplify his further successful evacuation.

Comfortable, multi-purpose carrying handles

Four grab handles made of sturdy nylon strap allow to carry the casualty by four, two or just one person using stretchers as drag blanket.

Handles can be used as pole hinges for increased rigidity during longer extraction.

X-type design

Carrying handles sewn crosswise over entire evacuation cloth surface which ensures the highest possible structural durability and placement of the injured’s weight almost on the handles, thus reducing sagging, wiggling and pushing. 

Strap for fixation

In the center of evacuation cloth  located a sling with a buckle to secure the wounded and his extremities, which may interfere during an evacuation. It’s stitched to evacuation cloth, so it won't come off and provide a secure fixation. Both halves have rubber bands to hide the loose ends of strap.

Evacuation sling

Our stretcher is packed an evacuation sling with a carabiner. It enables the wounded to be dragged out of the danger zone or can be use as hanging sling. For this purpose, the sling has hinges that can form it in a harness and haul an injured on an improvised stretcher.

So you actually get two tools for casualty extraction. The sling compactly twists and locks to the pouch with elastic bands. It unfolds in a matter of seconds.

Length: 6 meters

Smart pouch

Pouch of soft stretcher attaches to the bottom of backpack, where it does not interfere, providing quick two-handed access. Pouch has a through entrance on both sides allowing find and remove soft stretchers instantly by grab handles which can be pre-drawn out or or hidden inside, for example, during storage. On the side there is a compartment for an evacuation sling with a carabiner. Compartment for evacuation sling with a carabiner located on the side of pouch. It’s constructed of three rows of flat rubber and allows to pulled out the sling very quickly.

  • Black
  • Coyote
  • Multicam Original
Комплектація карабіном


  • Original Cordura 500D with polyurethane coating (NIR compliant).
  • Elastic flat band, which retains strength over time;
  • WJ plastic hardware;
  • Non locking carabiner with 20 kN breaking load on the long axis;
  • Heavy-duty polyamide straps;
  • High quality polyamide hook’n’loop.
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